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This Week's Feature

Crab Nebula

Overlapping Voices
in the Churning Nebula of
My Eclectic Consciousness

Whiskey With Ice

Coffee Table Conversations

Athenaeum of the Unpublished

My collection of unpublished pieces from:

the informal time before,

writing classes at the University of North Texas,

and the post-grad world 

Black and White Typewriter

Rage on the Rage

Taking an honest look at the fashion industry and latest styles... then ripping them to shreds

Fashion Model

Overlapping Voices Podcast

Sharing the eclectic topics from the mind of Generation X and a Texan  on our podcast

On Air Sign_edited.jpg

Snapping Earth

My amateur photo collection

from the sun, moon, and stars

to the earth and all its natural beauty

and the story of humans, past and present


SciFi September

30 days of 30 science fiction cinematic pieces 

ranging from movies, tv series, mini-series, documentaries, shorts, specials, and more

Flames Character

Nornir: An Experimental Utopia

A literature project turned into

an exploration into science fiction

to touch the human spirit


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