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Welcome to Nornir

Welcome to Nornir, home to the Norns and the Alfar.

Originally known as Kepler 452b, Nornir was settled by Earth colonists over 500 years ago.  Led by the CEOs of three of Earth's most important corporations at the time, they traveled over 1,400 light years using the "Kaleidoscope" Faster Than Light Drive, which had been invented in secret prior to the colonist leaving Earth.  The three CEOs became Nornir's first elected leaders that laid the foundation for the civilization Nornir is today.

Nornir is a vibrant world that is shared with the original indigenous species of the planet, the Eels and the Lobsters which are collectively known as the Alfar.  These aquatic species communicate with one another and with the Norns telepathically.  Due to advancements in technology, the Alfar telepathic language can easily be converted into written and projected documents for all to share.

To learn more about Nornir, please select on an area of interest below.

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