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Three Irons in the Writing Fire

I love to write.

Consistency struggles are a significant problem with writing, but my passion burns brightly. The biggest problem, however, is prioritizing writing time, especially with my "day job" and other interests. For the past couple of years, I have been sampling different writing styles and subjects to find the right combination that allows me to put things together in a way that makes sense and will enable me to commit to content creation without negatively impacting another area. It's been a bit of an adventure, but I now have identified my "Three Irons in the Writing Fire" for The Gen-X Texan.

The first iron is articles. "Overlapping Voices in the Churning Nebula of My Eclectic Consciousness," the website's primary focus, will contain articles that cover my various interests. Expect topics ranging from history, science, the arts, family, friends, lifestyle, food, drink, music, and much more to be told from a Generation X Texan perspective.

The second iron consists of my special features that are a part of "Coffee Table Conversations." The two writing special features are "Rage on the Rage" and "Sci-Fi September."

"Rage on the Rage," a casual feature I did on my own several years ago, takes an outside-the-bubble look at the fashion industry and current trends to give a brutally honest take on the stupidity of the business. The segment will also feature the occasional "Rate my Style" articles, where RotR will provide honest assessments of our volunteers.

"SciFi September" was a partially successful series on the precursor to The Gen-X Texan. Inspired by Mr. Pat's 31 Days of Halloween, the series will consist of me watching one science fiction piece daily with an accompanying review. Each season will have a theme, which will dictate the pieces. While most will be movies, reviews can be series episodes, mini-series, shorts, documentaries, and more.

The third iron is my personal, unpublished writing. "Athenaeum of the Unpublished" is a collection of several unpublished pieces I have written from before I went to the University of North Texas, my time at UNT, and after. These pieces are brainstorming, class assignments, musings, old drafts, and others that have not and likely will never be published anywhere. However, they may inspire others because writers write, and the road to each success is paved with hundreds and thousands of drafts and discards.

As with life, so has my writing.

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